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Baseball Games Stride Ball

( Baseball, Basketball, BeanBag, Handball, Kickball, Leapfrog, Relay Race, Team Wars and Battle, Tennis Ball, Tenpins, Volleyball )

The players are divided into two or more groups which compete against each other each having a ball. Each group stands in single file in leapfrog position feet wide apart to form a tunnel through which the ball is passed. The first players (captains) of each file toe a line drawn across the ground and at a signal put the ball in play by passing it backward between the feet. When players become expert one long shot will send the ball to the end of the line. The other players may strike it to help it along as it passes them if it goes slowly. Should the ball stop or go out of bounds at any place the player before whom this occurs must put it in play again starting it between his feet. When the ball reaches the rear of the file the last player runs with it to the front the line moving backward quickly one place to make room for him and immediately rolls the ball back again between the feet. This is repeated until the “captain” is the last player. He runs forward with the ball places it on a marked spot twenty feet in front of his line and returns to his place at the head of the file. The file wins whose captain is first to return to his original position.

Should there not be space for a point at which to leave the ball the game may be finished by the last player holding up the ball when it reaches the end of the line or by his running forward with it to the head of the line.

An Indian club instead of a ball makes a much more skillful game the club being shoved over the ground neck first. It is much more difficult to guide than a ball requires greater deliberation for a long shot and more easily stops or goes out of bounds. A basket ball or smaller ball may be used.

This is one of the best games for training self-control under excitement as the precision needed for a long shot especially with the Indian club is very difficult under the circumstances.

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