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Leapfrog Games Leapfrog Race

( Leapfrog, Relay Race, Running )

The players are lined up in two or more single files as for the simplest form of leapfrog but the game is a race between the different files.

The first player takes his place on the starting or taw line and makes a “back ” with his head away from the file. The next player immediately jumps over and makes a back one pace forward of the first player. The third jumps over the backs of the two and makes a third back and so on until all are down when the first player jumps over all in succession but steps one side when he has vaulted over the last back. The others all follow.

The line wins which is first reduced to one player in the position of “back.” In other words when every player in the line has jumped over the back of every other player.

A burlesque on this game which has in it some good sport and exercise consists in crawling between the feet of the players instead of jumping over their backs. This may be done for every player in the line or the two methods alternated leaping over the back of one crawling between the feet of the next etc.

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