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BeanBag Games Vaulting Relay

( BeanBag, Leapfrog, Physical Contest, Relay Race )

The players stand in line in the aisles between the desks all facing to the right or left (facing open windows preferred). The first player at the front of each line will hold a bean bag in his right hand if facing left or in his left hand if facing right. At the command “Start ” the bean bag must be passed toward the rear to each player in turn until the player at the end of the line receives it. Each player after passing the bean bag must place one hand on his desk and the other on the back of his chair jump over his chair turn jump back again and take his position in the aisle by the next seat moving back one seat toward the rear of the line each time the bean bag has been passed and so on until he returns to his place in line. The player receiving the bean bag at the end of the line must run to the head of the line as shown in the diagram and pass the bag to the next player. This continues until each player returns to his place in line. The line wins whose original leader first gets back to his own place.

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