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Choreographed Games Hopping Relay Race

( Choreographed, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Tag )

A starting line is drawn on the ground behind which the players stand in two or more single files facing a goal. The goal should be ten or more feet from the starting line and may consist of a wall or a line drawn on the ground. At a signal the first player in each line hops on one foot to the goal touches it with his hands (stooping for this if it be a line on the ground) and hops back to the end of his line which should have moved forward to fill his place as he started. He takes his place at the rear end of the line. He tags the first player in the line as he passes him and this player at once hops forward to the goal. Each player thus takes his turn the line winning whose last player first reaches the rear of his line and there raises his hand as a signal.

If the game be repeated the hopping in the second round should be on the opposite foot.

FOR THE SCHOOLROOM.–This may be played in the class room by having an equal number of pupils in each row of seats. The players remain seated until it is their turn to hop each hopping from his own seat to the forward blackboard and back to his seat again or the distance may be made greater by continuing past his seat to the rear wall and then back to his seat again. The game starts with those in the rear seats. Each pupil as he takes his seat tags the pupil seated next in front of him who takes this as a signal to start. The line wins whose player in the front seat first returns and raises a hand to show he is seated.

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