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Marble Coin Pebble and Jack Games Spans

( Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Physical Contest, Strategy )

This is a game played by snapping buttons against a wall their landing point determining a score. Each player has a button. One of the players lays his button on the ground near a wall or fence. The others in turn snap their buttons against the wall so as to rebound near to that of the first player. Should the button snapped drop within one hand reach or span ( i.e. the distance between stretched thumb and fingers) of the button first laid down it scores two points for the player throwing it. If it comes within two such spans of the first button it scores one point. Should it hit this button and bounce away within but one span it counts four points. Should it so bounce within two spans it scores three points and should it go farther than this it scores but one point. The number of points in the game twenty-five or fifty is agreed on at the outset. The players take regular turns and the first to score the required number wins the game.

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