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Marble Coin Pebble and Jack Games Clam Shell Combat

( Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Physical Contest )

Each of the players is provided with an equal number of clam shells the players then pair off in twos for the combat. Which of the two shall have the first play is decided by the players each dropping a clam shell from a height of three feet. The one whose shell falls with the hollow or concave side down has the first play. Should it be a tie the trials are repeated until one player is chosen in this way. The play then opens with the unsuccessful player putting a clam shell on the ground when the opponent throws another shell at it trying to break it. If he succeeds the opponent must put down another shell. This is kept up indefinitely until a players shells have all been won by the opposing thrower or until the thrower fails to hit a shell or his own breaks in doing so. Whenever one of these things occurs he loses his turn and must put down a shell for the opponent to throw at. The player wins who retains an unbroken shell the longest.

Where there is a considerable number of players they may be divided into opposing parties the players stepping forward in turn at the call of their respective captains.

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