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BeanBag Games Russian Snow Ball

( BeanBag, Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Physical Contest, Tennis Ball )

This game is played with one small ball in size anywhere from that of a golf to a tennis ball. If played in the snow a hard frozen snowball may be used or a stone will do.

A series of holes is made in the ground sand or snow large enough to contain the ball. These holes are placed in a straight line one beyond the other about three feet apart there being as many holes as there are players. All holes are numbered corresponding to the numbers of the players from one to ten or whatever the maximum may be. About ten feet from the first hole and at right angles to the row a straight line is drawn on the ground behind which the players stand to throw. The first player stands directly in line with the row of holes and throws for one of them. This is a toss of the ball. The ball scores for the player according to the number of the hole in which it falls and this number also designates the next player. For instance if the ball falls in the third hole it scores three for the first player who at once gives place to Number Three who in turn has one throw. Should this ball fall in hole number five it scores five for this player and the fifth player will have the next turn. The game may be played according to score the one first scoring twenty-five or fifty winning or it may be played according to time the one having the highest score at the end of fifteen or twenty minutes being the winner.

This is one of the few games that may be adapted to the snow or to the damp sand of the seashore though it may be played anywhere out of doors where holes can be dug.

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