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Acting and Dramatic Games Wee Bologna Man

( Acting and Dramatic, Call and Response, Choreographed, Physical Contest )

“Im the wee Bologna Man.
Always do the best you can
To follow the wee Bologna Man.”

A leader who can be very brisk in movement and resourceful in ideas stands in front of the other players and repeats this verse rapidly imitating each time he repeats the verse some one action characteristic of the members of a band. For instance the first time he may go through the pantomime of playing a fife the next time without any pause between he may imitate the beating of a drum the next playing a fiddle trombone flute cymbals triangle imitate the drum major etc. All of the other players follow his movements.

The sport will depend largely upon the rapidity of the time and the vivacity that is put into the movements.

FOR THE SCHOOLROOM.–The head players in the different lines of seats should take turns in being the Bologna Man and the movements should be such as will afford effective exercise. For instance the first player will stand and repeat the verse while hopping on one foot the entire class joining in the hopping. The moment he is through the leader of the next row should jump up face the class and repeat the verse going through some other motion such as hopping on the other foot he in turn to be succeeded by the next leader etc. Many gymnastic movements will suggest themselves such as jumping on both feet jumping forward down the aisle frog fashion jumping high in place running in place stretching the arms out sideways and bending sideways like a walking beam whirling both arms around like a windmill taking a dance step etc.

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