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Choreographed Games Tossing Wands

( Choreographed, Command and Response, Physical Contest )

This game is played in two forms line form and circle form.

LINE FORM.–The players stand in two lines or ranks facing each other all those in one line being provided with gymnasium wands about three feet in length. A leader is appointed who either counts or commands as a signal for tossing the wands back and forth from one line to the other as “One two three–toss ” This is even more effective if gymnastic movements be taken on the three counts as bending the trunk forward with the wand downward stretching the arms upward with the wand overhead extending it forward at shoulder height and then tossing backward over the head. The signals for this would be “Bend Stretch Out Toss ”

The wands should first be held in the hand with the palms upward and caught with the hands in the same position. Later the hand position should be reversed the wand being grasped with the downward-turned palms.

CIRCLE FORM.–When players are proficient in catching in opposite lines or ranks they should form a circle facing around in single file each player being provided with a wand which is tossed backward over the head and caught by the player behind. This may be done best rhythmically with the exercises and commands mentioned above “Bend Stretch Out Toss ” The wand should be caught with the palms outward.

Any player failing to catch a wand drops out of the game. With a little practice however this usually resolves itself into a quick drill rather than a game but it is a most interesting skillful and diverting play.

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