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Blindfolded Games Sun Dial

( Blindfolded, Physical Contest, Singing and Song )

A circle from twelve to twenty feet in diameter is drawn on the ground. This is intersected with straight lines like the spokes of a wheel which divide it into twelve sections numbered consecutively from one to twelve.

One player is blindfolded placed in the center (on the hub of the wheel) and turned around several times to confuse his sense of direction. He then walks around inside the rim while counting twelve or repeating the verse —

“Dickery dickery dock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck ten
He ran down again
Dickery dickery dock.”

He stops on the last word and the number of the space in which he stands is scored to his credit for instance if he stops in section eight it scores eight points for him if in section three it scores three points etc. Should he stop with one foot on a line or outside the circle he scores nothing. The players take turns each having but one trial at a turn. The game is won by the player first scoring twenty-five or fifty points as may be decided.

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