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BeanBag Games Teacher And Class

( BeanBag, Kickball, Physical Contest )

This game may be played with either bean bags or balls and is one of the simplest and earliest tossing games being generally used when pupils are first acquiring skill in handling a ball. With very rapid play and greater distance between the “teacher” and the “class ” it may become very interesting however for older players.

One player is chosen for the “teacher.” The others stand in a line side by side facing her at an interval of from five to twenty feet. Where there are many players there should be several groups of this kind with a distinct interval between groups to avoid mistakes or confusion. It is desirable to have from six to ten players for each “teacher.”

The teacher starts the game by tossing the ball to each pupil in turn and it is immediately tossed back to her. Each pupil missing goes to the foot of the line. If the teacher misses the player at the head of the line takes her place the teacher going to the foot. The action should be as rapid as possible.

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