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Marble Coin Pebble and Jack Games Snow Snake

( Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Physical Contest, Tenpins )

This game is played by skimming or skipping sticks over the hard surface of the snow as stones are skipped over the water. Each player is provided with from three to five small sticks. These may be especially whittled or they may be pieces of branches. A perfectly smooth stick is best and one that has some weight to it. Each stick is notched one notch on the first two on the second three on the third etc.

The players stand at a given line and take turns in skimming their sticks over the surface of the snow each player throwing but one stick at a time. When each player has thrown the stick that has gone the farthest scores for the thrower according to the number of notches on it. For instance if the stick had but one notch it scores one point for the player a three-notched stick scores three points etc. The sticks are then gathered up and put to one side and each player in turn throws the next stick in his bunch the successful player of the first round having the first throw in the second round and scoring in similar manner. This is continued until all of the sticks have been thrown. This may close the game which is won by the highest scorer or it may be repeated indefinitely either with a time limit or until a certain score is reached.

This game is an adaptation of one played by the Wabanaki Indians. The Northern Indians have many games belonging to the Snow Snake class.

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