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BeanBag Games Bean Bag Circle Toss

( BeanBag, Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Physical Contest )

There should be a bean bag for each of the players except one. All of the players form a circle separated from each other by a small space. At a signal from a leader each player turns toward his right-hand neighbor and tosses his bean bag to him turning at once to receive the bag which is coming to him from the left. The game should move rapidly but of course this is a matter of skill and may have to be acquired. With very little children it may be advisable to first play the game with a fewer number of bean bags till they grow accustomed to tossing and turning quickly to catch. Balls may be used instead of bean bags if desired.

When the tossing has gone once or twice around the circle to the right the direction should be changed to the left. It is well to have one of the bean bags of a different color from the others so as to know when the circle has been completed. Any player failing to catch a bag must pick it up and toss it regularly to his neighbor.

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