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Call and Response Games My Lady

( Call and Response, Choreographed, Physical Contest )

This a French form of a game known in America as Spin the Platter. Each of the players is named for some article of My Lady such as her gown necklace evening coat slippers bracelet etc. All sit in a circle except one who stands or crouches in the center and spins a plate or tray at the same time saying “My Lady wants her necklace ” or names some other article of the toilet. The player representing the article thus named must rush to the center and catch the plate before it stops spinning and falls to the ground. If successful the player takes the place of the spinner. If unsuccessful she returns to her place and pays a forfeit which is redeemed at the end of the game. The speaker should name the different articles while carrying on a flow of narrative as for instance “My Lady being invited to a ball at the kings palace decided to wear her blue gown . With this she called for her silver slippers her white gloves her pearl necklace and a bouquet of roses. As the evening was quite cool she decided to wear her white opera coat ” etc. The speaker will make several opportunities for introducing mention of the ball and whenever she says anything about the ball all the players must jump up and change places the spinner trying to secure one for herself in the general confusion. One odd player will be left without a place and she becomes spinner. When boys are playing they may appropriately take the parts of carriage horses footmen the escort etc.

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