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Physical Contest Games Skin The Snake

( Physical Contest )

This is a feat for several performers–from five to fifty or more and is suitable for the gymnasium. The players stand in a line one behind another with a short distance between. Each player bends forward and stretches one hand backward between his legs while with the other hand he grasps that of the player in front who has assumed the same position. When all are in position the line begins backing the player at the rear end of the line lying down on his back and the next player walking backward astride over him until he can go no farther when he also lies down with the first players head between his legs. This backing and lying-down movement continues until all the players are lying in a straight line on the floor. Then the last one to lie down gets up and walks astride the line toward the front raising the man next behind him to his feet and so on until all again are standing in the original position. The grasp of hands is retained throughout.

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