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BeanBag Games Target Toss

( BeanBag, Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Physical Contest )

Three concentric circles should be drawn on the ground or floor after the idea of a target. Their size will depend somewhat on the skill of the players but for the youngest players the inner circle should be not more than two feet in diameter and the outer circle six feet in diameter. For those more skilled smaller circles may be used. From ten to thirty feet from the outer rim of the largest circle a straight line is drawn on the ground to serve as a throwing line. Where there is a small number of players all may use one target. Where there is a large number several targets should be drawn and the players divided into as many groups. Each group has three bean bags or if out of doors small blocks of wood stones or shells may be used. Each player throws in turn throwing each of the three bags or other objects at each turn. The thrower stands with his toe on the throwing line and tosses a bag toward the target. If the bag stops within the center circle it scores fifteen points if between the center circle and the next larger one it scores ten points and if between the middle circle and the largest or outer one it scores five points. For very little children a bag that lands on a line may score for the larger circle which it touches. For more expert players a bag landing on a line does not score at all. The player wins who has the highest score in five rounds of the game.

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