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BeanBag Games Bag Pile

( BeanBag, Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Physical Contest )

The players are divided into two or more equal parties which line up in ranks. Near the front end of each rank is a pile of from ten to fifteen bean bags or oat sacks which are to be passed down the line. At a signal the first player in each rank takes a bag and passes it down the line sending the others in succession as rapidly as possible. The last player in the line when he receives the bean bag lays it on the floor in front of him and as each bean bag reaches him he piles it on the first one making a stack. Only the first bag must touch the floor. The stack must be able to stand without assistance and the player who stacks the bags must have no help in his task. Should the bags fall over at any time the player who stacked them must pick them up and pile them over again. The line scores one which first succeeds in getting all of its bags stacked. The last player the one who stacked the bags then carries them up to the front of the line and becomes the first passer for the next round of the game.

The line wins which first scores five or ten as may be decided beforehand. The play should be very rapid.

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