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Acting and Dramatic Games Did You Ever See A Lassie

( Acting and Dramatic, Choreographed, Dancing, Physical Contest, Singing and Song )

This is a game for very little children and with a little suggestion as to the exercises or movements to be illustrated by the “lassie ” may be the source of some very good exercise as well as a pleasing game.

All of the players but one form a circle clasping hands. They circle around singing the first two lines of the verse. While they are doing this the odd player stands in the center and illustrates some movement which he chooses for the others to imitate. During the last two lines of the verse the players stand in place drop hands and imitate the movements of the center player which he continues in unison with them.

Did you ever see a lassie a lassie a lassie
Did you ever see a lassie do this way and that
Do this way and that way and this way and that way
Did you ever see a lassie do this way and that

When a boy is in the center the word “lassie” should be changed to “laddie.”

The player may imitate any activity such as mowing grass raking hay prancing like a horse or turning a hand organ may use dancing steps or movements such as bowing courtesying skipping whirling in dance steps with the hands over the head etc. or may take any gymnastic movements such as hopping jumping arm head trunk or leg exercises etc.

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