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Basketball Games Basket Ball Distance Throw

( Basketball, Handball, Physical Contest )

This is an interesting and simple athletic event as well as a good game. It is especially useful for players drilling on the handling of the basket ball or shotput and is a good substitute for shotputs.

A full circle six feet in diameter is drawn on the ground. A heavy line is drawn across its center which serves as a throwing line. The player stands in the circle and throws the basket ball from this throwing line toward other lines drawn in the throwing space as specified below the ball scoring according to its landing in relation to these other lines.

The lines drawn across the throwing space must be parallel with the throwing line in the circle. For players below the seventh year of the elementary school course (below twelve years of age) these three lines should be respectively twelve eighteen and twenty-seven feet from the forward edge of the circle. For players from the seventh and eighth year of the school course (that is thirteen and fourteen years of age) these three lines should be respectively fifteen twenty-one and thirty-one feet from the forward edge of the circle. These measurements are for girls. For boys the longer distance given between lines will be found generally advisable and they may even be increased.

The players are divided into competing teams the players of each team throwing in rapid succession. Each player has but one turn unless the ball should strike some obstacle before touching the ground when another trial is allowed. A thrower must at the start stand in the circle and toe the throwing line drawn across the center of the circle in completing the throw he must not fall or step forward over the outer line of the circle in front of him. If at any part of the throw from its start to finish the thrower be out of the circle it is considered a foul and does not score the number of players in the team being counted as one less when the total or average is figured. The best form for throwing is that described for Battle Ball.

For each throw to the first line (the twelve or fifteen foot line) or any point between it and the next line a team scores one point. For each throw to the second line (the eighteen or twenty-one foot line) or between it and the next line a team scores three points. For each throw to or beyond the third line (the twenty-seven or thirty-one foot line) a team scores five points. The team averaging or adding the largest score wins first place in the event. If the number of players be not even the score is decided by an average instead of by adding. Where several groups or teams are competing if there be a judge for each team and floor space for more than one diagram two or more teams should throw at once.

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