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Marble Coin Pebble and Jack Games London

( Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Pen and Paper, Physical Contest, Strategy )

This is a quiet game in which the players are all seated. A diagram is drawn on a slate or piece of paper of oblong shape about six by ten inches in outside dimensions if the surface admits of one so large. This is divided by a horizontal line every two inches. It is an advantage if the players have different colored pencils but this is not necessary. A piece of paper is placed at the bottom of the diagram and blown over the diagram toward the top or a small piece of glass or china called a “chipper” is used the latter being nicked or snapped with the fingers. The first player snaps his chipper and in whichever place it stops marks with a pencil a small round ” o ” to represent a mans head. The chipper is then returned to its starting place and the play is repeated. This is continued until the player has marked a head in each of the horizontal spaces or should his chipper land a second time in a space in which he has already marked such a head he makes a larger round under the head to represent the body of a man. The third time it lands in this place he makes a downward stroke for a leg and the fourth time one for a second leg which completes the man. Should three complete men be so drawn in one space the player without shooting again draws what are called “arms ” that is a horizontal line from the figures across the space to the outside limits. This occupies the space completely and keeps the other player out of that space that is the other cannot put any men in it or add to any which he may already have started there.

The first player continues to play until the chipper lands on a line a player whose chipper lands on a line or outside of the diagram loses his turn. The other player then takes his turn and may start continue or complete men in any spaces which the first player has not occupied with three armed men even though the latter may have started men in the space or have completed two of them. Each player may build only on his own men.

The player wins who succeeds in occupying the largest number of spaces with three armed men of his own drawing.

The space at the top of the diagram called “London ” is especially advantageous. No men are marked in it but should the chipper land there at any time the player may draw a head in every other space on the diagram or add one mark to any one drawing he may have already in each space.

This game may be played on the seashore or playground or wherever the diagram may be drawn in hard earth.

For the schoolroom it is an interesting diversion for pupils who assemble early before the opening of the school session.

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