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BeanBag Games Criss Cross Goal

( BeanBag, Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Physical Contest )

The class is divided into two teams. Each team is divided into two lines which stand facing each other as shown in the diagram.

A waste basket is placed on the teachers desk or hung higher if possible in the front of the room. Each team has one bean bag.

Player No. 1 holds the bean bag in each team.

At a signal each No. 1 tosses his bag to No. 2 No. 2 to No. 3 and so it continues to pass in a zigzag line till it reaches No. 14. No. 14 on receiving the bag tries to throw it into the basket. If he misses he runs forward picks up the bag runs back to his place and tries again he continues trying until he or his opponent gets a bag in which event finishes the inning.

The team in which No. 14 first receives the bag scores three points and the team making the goal first scores one so one team may score four or one three and the other one point. The team wins which has the highest score at the end of the playing time.

If the distance from the basket seems too long No. 14 may come forward a given distance to a chalk line and throw from that.

In order to pass around the privilege of throwing goal the goal thrower in one game passes down to the other end of the line the line moves up one place and the next player in order throws for the goal in the next game. When every one in one line has thrown for goal the privilege passes to the other line.

Sometimes it is necessary to have umpires to watch for fouls such as skipping a player in passing the bag.

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