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Acting and Dramatic Games Simon Says

( Acting and Dramatic, Command and Response, Physical Contest )

The players sit around a table or if played in the schoolroom sit at their respective desks. Each player makes a fist of each hand with the thumb extended. One is chosen for leader whom the others follow.

The leader says “Simon says Thumbs up ” whereupon he places his own fists on the table before him with the thumbs upward. The players must all do likewise. The leader then says “Simon says Thumbs down ” whereupon he turns his own hands over so that the tips of the thumbs touch the table the others imitating him. He may then say “Simon says Thumbs wiggle waggle ” whereupon he places his fist on the table with the thumbs upward and moves the thumbs sideways the players imitating him.

If at any time the leader omits the words “Simon says ” and goes through the movements simply with the words “Thumbs up ” “Thumbs down ” or “Wiggle waggle ” the players must keep their hands still and not imitate his movements. Any player imitating him under these circumstances must either pay a forfeit or become leader or both as may be decided on beforehand.

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