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( Basketball, Handball, Kickball, Physical Contest, Running )

This game is played with a hand ball or basket ball and is a gymnasium adaptation of the wall ball game known as “Burley Whush” or “Ball Stand.”

A square is drawn on the ground or floor. All of the players gather within this including one who holds the ball. The ball man throws the ball in the air whereupon all of the other players run in any direction as far as they can. The thrower remains on his place catches the ball and as he does so cries “Hold ” Upon hearing this all of the others must instantly stop running. The thrower then aims his ball at one of these other players and if he succeeds in hitting him the player hit must change places with the thrower. Should he miss all of the players return to the square and the same thrower takes another trial. Should he miss hitting a player a second time he must be “court-martialed ” i.e. stand twenty feet from the square with his back turned to the players congregated there who pelt him with their balls each one having one throw.

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