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Choreographed Games Spanish Fly

( Choreographed, Command and Response, Leapfrog, Physical Contest )

This is a game of leapfrog in which the leader (first over) sets feats for the others to perform as in Follow the Leader any player who fails taking the place of the back. The following feats are popular —

The jumper leaps over touching the back with one hand only and waving his cap with the other.

The jumper leaps over without touching the back.

The jumper makes a quarter turn while going over.

HATS ON DECK.–The leader as he vaults places his cap on the back and must clear without touching it. Each player in turn adds his hat to the pile the last player having to jump over all. If any one knocks over the pile he must become back and the game begins over again. If all jump successfully the last one over then jumps again removing his hat as he goes over without disturbing the others and so on until all have been removed.

HATS FULL OF WATER.–The jumper places his own hat on his head upside down and balances it there while leaping over the back.

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