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Leapfrog Games Leapfrog Rules

( Leapfrog, Physical Contest )

The back.–Any player who bends over to make a back for others to leap over is called the “back.” He must rest his hands on his knees or near them to make a firm back. It is against the rules for any player making a back to throw up his back or bend it lower while a player is leaping over it but each player before jumping may say “High back ” or “Low back ” which the one who is down must adjust before the jumper starts. He then must do his best to keep the back perfectly level and still unless the game calls for a different kind of play. In some games the back stands with his back toward the jumpers and in others with his side toward them. If he is to stand on a certain line he must “heel it” if with his back toward them or if his side be toward them stand with one foot on either side of the line.

The jumper.–The player who leaps must lay his hands flat on the back at the shoulders and not “knuckle ” i.e. double under his fingers. Any player transgressing this rule must change places with the back. The back must be cleared without touching him with the foot or any part of the body except the hands. Such a touch is called “spurring ” and the transgressor must change places with the back if the latter stands upright before the next player can jump over him. If he does not stand upright in time he remains back. When a leap is made from a starting line or taw the jumper may not put his foot more than half over the line. Good jumpers will land on the toes with knees bent and backs upright not losing the balance.

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