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Jumprope Games Double Dutch

( Jumprope )

Double Dutch rules involve both double dutch jumprope single teams, which are usually made up of three members, and double dutch doubles teams with four members. The American Double Dutch League rules for competitive double dutch stipulates a gender restriction on the teams (limited to one male member for singles, and two male members for doubles), but these should generally be ignored in the interests of fun.

Hold the ends of the ropes tightly, shoulder width apart, about waist high, but do not wrap the rope around your hands. Rope turners should always start turning the rope closest to the jumper first, to enable the jumper to enter the ropes easier. Turn the ropes inward in small circles by turning the right forearm counter clockwise and left forearm clockwise like an eggbeater, while avoiding crossing the midline of your body with your hands as they rotate the jump ropes. You can count one-two’s to help establish a rhythm for both turners, and jumper.

The person jumping in, aka the jumper, stands next to one of the jumprope turners and faces the other rope turner. The jumper-in’s legs should be in position with their leg closest to the rope turner facing away from the rope and the other leg closer to the rope. Jumping In starts when the jumper-in enters the ropes as the rope closest to the jumper passes their eye level. Take one large step and a single jump, and leap into the middle of the rope with the leg closest to the rope turner hitting the floor first. The jumper begins jumping using a two-foot basic marching jump. If your just learning, use the single bounce jump in, and then slowly work your way up to two ropes.

UPDATE: a great recent story on NPR highlights the increasing use of physical jumprope and double dutch games in particular in nationwide schools as tournament play:

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