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Choreographed Games Jumping A Rope

( Choreographed, Jumprope )

Jumping a rope is admirable for both boys and girls combining much skill with invigorating exercise. It should always be done on the toes with a “spring” in the ankles and knees to break the jar and should not be carried to a point of exhaustion. It may be made one of the most interesting competitive games for large numbers lined up in relay formation and jumping in turn over a long rope. There should then be one rope for each line. A score should be kept for each team each feat successfully performed by a player scoring one point for his or her team. For each round each player in all teams should perform the same feat.

The different series are generally

I. Small single rope.
II. One large rope.
III. Two large ropes.
IV. Large single rope and small individual rope.

The small single rope or individual rope should be about six feet long for the average player. A good general rule is to have it just long enough to reach to the shoulders on each side while the player is standing on it.

A rope not made with handles at the ends should have a knot tied at either end to prevent untwisting and to give a firm hold. Every jumper knows how to twist the ends around the hands to make shorter a rope that is too long.

A long rope should be heavy and from ten to twenty feet in length. It should be turned by two players while one or more jump as indicated. When not used for athletic competition any player failing in the jumping should change places with one of the turners that is should “take an end.”

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