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Choreographed Games Hunting Run

( Choreographed, Hunting, Running, Singing and Song )

The players all stand in two lines facing each other. They clap their hands in time with the song and sing the first verse —

Oh have you seen the King
Oh have you seen the King
He lights his pipe on a starlight night.
Oh have you seen the King

For a-hunting we will go
A-hunting we will go.
Well catch a fox and put him in a box.
A-hunting we will go.

While the last verse is being sung the two players at the top of the lines run forward join hands and run down between the lines to the foot turn around join the other hands and return between the lines. When they have reached the head again they unclasp hands and run down the outside of the lines each on his own side and take their places at the foot of the lines. By this time the verse should be finished and it is then sung again the two players who are now standing at the head running down through the middle etc. This is repeated until all the players have run when the two lines join hands in a ring and all dance around repeating the verse for the last time.

For a large number of players several may run instead of two. The first two then represent foxes the next four prancing or galloping horses (all in time to the music) and four others for riders or hunters.

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