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Command and Response Games Simon Says: Rabbitears

( Command and Response )

This is kind of a round-robin game of Simon Says for playing in any circle of people. One person starts off by making bunnyears: the hands are shaped like pointers, or as if making a rubber-band gun, with the thumbs touching the head right to the front of both ears. The index or pointing finger is extended straight up, as if it was a “rabbit ear”, and the other three fingers are folder to the palm.

The game starts when the initiator first calls out, “Who’s the bunny?”, and immediately points the index finger, or “ears”, towards another person in the circle. The other person must respond by wiggling their “ears” and pointing to another person.

A penalty is paid when someone either identifies the person who just pointed to them, or when someone mistakenly speaks, usually mistakenly saying “Who’s the bunny?”. Otherwise, the game must proceed in silence.

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