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Choreographed Games Garden Scamp

( Choreographed, Circle and Breakthrough, Running )

This game is a great favorite with children and may be made an opportunity for much sport with youths and older players.

All but two of the players form a ring by clasping hands the inclosure serving as the garden. Within this one of the odd players who is assigned to be the scamp takes his place. The other odd player the gardener moves around on the outside of the circle.

The gardener calls to the scamp inside “Who let you in my garden ” and the scamp answers “No one ” whereupon he starts to run away the gardener chasing him. The gardener must take the same path followed by the scamp in and out under the arms of the players who must lift their hands to let them pass. The gardener must also go through all of the movements performed by the scamp who may jump “leapfrog” over any player in the circle turn somersaults crawl between the legs of a circle player double unexpectedly on his path circle around one of the players or resort to any other device for making the chase difficult. If the scamp be caught he becomes gardener and the gardener joins the circle. The former scamp now gardener chooses a new scamp to go into the circle.

Should the gardener fail to follow in the exact path of the scamp or to perform any of the feats or antics of the scamp the gardener must at once join the ring and the scamp then has the privilege of choosing a new gardener.

FOR THE SCHOOLROOM.–This game may be played by the entire class forming a circle around the room as close to the seats as possible to leave room for the chase outside the circle. Where seats can be turned up this should be done to give the runners opportunity to cross and recross the center space easily. The scamp however may vault over seats in his efforts to escape or delay the gardener.

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