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Basketball Games Circle Stride Ball

( Basketball, Circle and Breakthrough, Football, Volleyball )

All but one of the players form a circle standing in stride position with feet touching those of the next players to make a barricade for the ball.

The odd player stands in the center and tries to throw the ball outside of the circle between the feet of the players. Those in the circle try to prevent the passage of the ball using only their hands for this. This play is continued until the center player succeeds in sending the ball through the circle when he changes places with the player between whose feet or on whose right side it passed out. If a circle player moves his feet in any way he must change places with the center.

The center player will aid his object by using considerable finesse appearing to intend sending the ball in one direction turning suddenly and sending it in another etc.

When the ball has been sent out of the circle the players turn facing outward and the odd man tries to send it back inside according to the same rules.

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