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Choreographed Games Let The Feet Go Tramp

( Choreographed, Circle and Breakthrough, Dancing, Singing and Song )

10 to 60 players. Playground gymnasium schoolroom.

Let the feet go tramp tramp tramp
Let the hands go clap clap clap
Let the finger beckon thee.
Come dear friend and skip with me.
La la la la la la la etc.

Let the Feet Go Tramp

The players form a circle with from one to five in the center according to the number of players. All of the players both circle and center sing the verse suiting the action to the words with stamping of the feet for “Tramp tramp tramp ” and clapping of the hands for “Clap clap clap ” As the last line “Come dear friend and skip with me ” is sung each child in the center beckons to one in the circle who steps in and joins hands with the little partner as they stand facing each other. These partners in the center then dance around in time to the chorus “La la ” and the circle players may also join hands and dance in a circle.

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