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Choreographed Games Snail

( Choreographed, Dancing, Singing and Song )

This is a favorite game with very little children. For large numbers each verse may be repeated as needed to complete the winding or unwinding of the line.

Hand in hand you see us well
Creep like a snail into his shell
Ever nearer ever nearer
Ever closer ever closer
Very snug indeed you dwell
Snail within your tiny shell.

Hand in hand you see us well
Creep like a snail out of his shell.
Ever farther ever farther
Ever wider ever wider.
Whod have thought this tiny shell
Could have held us all so well.

The players all stand in line holding hands while singing the first verse they wind up in a spiral following the leader who walks in a circle growing ever smaller until all are wound up still holding hands. The leader then turns and unwinds until all are again in one long line.

This “winding up” is a very old traditional feature in games and is supposed to have originated in tree worship.

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