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BeanBag Games Fox And Squirrel

( BeanBag, Choreographed )

The players sit in their seats facing toward the aisles so that each two adjacent lines have their feet in the same aisle and face each other. The game consists in passing or tossing some object (the squirrel) such as a bean bag basket ball or hand ball from one player across the aisle to another and back again zigzagging down each aisle to be followed at once by a second object (the fox) the effort being to have the fox overtake the squirrel before the end of the line is reached.

With very little children passing is better than tossing but with older children or even with little ones when more experienced it is well to use the game as a practice for tossing and catching. The action should be very rapid. The game makes much sport for young children and they are very fond of it.

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