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BeanBag Games Dead Ball

( BeanBag, Choreographed, Kickball, Marble Coin Pebble and Jack )

This game may be played with balls or bean bags. If with balls a light gas ball is preferable as for all schoolroom games. From one to three balls or bags will be needed for the game. If the class is a large one only half the pupils should play at a time if a small class all may play at once. The players stand in the aisles or between the seats and desks and should be scattered around the schoolroom.

The teacher puts the balls in play by tossing them one at a time upward so they will land in different directions in the room. The players as opportunity avails without leaving their places on the floor try to catch a ball and toss it in the same way to some other player. It is not permissible to throw the ball at another player it must always be tossed in the air. Any player who does not catch the ball but instead is touched by it is “dead” (out of the game) and must sit down. Each player tosses the ball upward in some new direction as soon as he receives it. This play continues until only one player remains standing who is considered the winner.

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