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Bluffing Games Wood Tag

( Bluffing, Chase and Catch, Tag )

This is a game of tag. When there are more than thirty players it is desirable to have two or more who are It or taggers. The players venture as near as possible to the one who is It taunting him by crying “Ticky ticky touch wood ” Any player may seek immunity from being tagged by touching a piece of wood. No growing thing however such as a tree or shrub is to be considered as wood. No player may stay very long in any place of safety and the moment his hand or foot be taken from the wood he is liable to be tagged. A player who is not near wood may gain a few minutes respite by calling out “Parley ” but he must stand perfectly still in the place where he then is the tagger being able to tag him if he makes the slightest move of any part of his body. When such a player decides to run again he calls out “Parley out ”

This game affords opportunity for a great deal of sport through the making of false starts and the daring approach to the one who is It who in turn may make sudden and unexpected sorties in different directions.

Like Iron Tag this game is very ancient and has evidently come from an old superstition that to touch iron or some other particular substance gave immunity from the spell of evil spirits.

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