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Chase and Catch Games Poison

( Chase and Catch, Circle and Breakthrough, Command and Response, Tug of War )

A circle is marked on the floor or ground considerably smaller than an outer circle formed by the players clasping hands. Each player tries by pulling or pushing to induce the others to step within the smaller circle but endeavors to keep out of it himself. Any one who touches the ground within the inner circle if only with one foot is said to be poisoned. As soon as this happens the player or players so poisoned become catchers the other players shout “Poisoned ” and at once break the circle and run for safety which consists in standing on wood. The merest chip will answer and growing things are not counted wood. If played in a gymnasium iron may give immunity instead of wood. Any one caught before reaching safety or in changing places afterward joins the catchers and when all have been caught the ring is once more surrounded.

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