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Acting and Dramatic Games Old Woman From The Wood

( Acting and Dramatic, Chase and Catch, Command and Response )

The players are divided into two even parties which face each other from a short distance. One party advances toward the other remarking “Here comes an old woman from the wood.” The second party answers “What canst thee do ” whereupon the old woman replies “Do anything ” The second party then says “Work away ” whereupon all the players in the first party proceed to imitate some occupation in which an old woman might engage and which they have previously agreed on among themselves such as sewing sweeping knitting digging a garden chopping wood kneading bread stirring cake washing ironing etc. The opposite party tries to guess from this pantomime the occupation indicated. Should they guess correctly they have a turn to perform in the same way. Should they be unable to guess correctly the first party retires decides on another action and returns. This form of the game is generally played by girls. Boys play the same game with different dialogue under the name of “Trades.”

When played in a playground or gymnasium where there is free space for running a successful guess should be followed by a chase of the actors by the guessing party any players caught before a designated goal line is reached having to join the party of their captors. The party wins which secures all of the players.

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