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Chase and Catch Games Cat And Mice

( Chase and Catch, Guessing, Hide and Seek, Mystery )

One player is chosen to be cat and hides behind or under the teachers desk. After the cat is hidden the teacher beckons to five or six other players who creep softly up to the desk and when all are assembled scratch on it with their fingers to represent the nibbling of mice. As soon as the cat hears this she scrambles out from under the desk and gives chase to the mice who may save themselves only by getting back to their holes (seats). If a mouse be caught the cat changes places with him for the next round of the game. If no mouse be caught the same cat may continue or the teacher may choose another at her discretion.

A different set of mice should be chosen each time so as to give all of the players an opportunity to join in the game.

This is a favorite schoolroom game for little children. They should be taught to add sport to the play by giving the cat quite a chase before returning to their seats instead of seeking safety in the shortest and most direct way.

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