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Acting and Dramatic Games Kitty White

( Acting and Dramatic, Chase and Catch, Circle and Breakthrough, Singing and Song )

This is an admirable game for very little children. Their dramatic tendency should be given full rein in impersonating the soft movements of the kitty and mousie before the chase begins.

Kitty White so slyly comes
To catch the Mousie Gray
But mousie hears her softly creep
And quickly runs away.

Run run run little mouse
Run all around the house
For Kitty White is coming near
And she will catch the mouse I fear.

One player is chosen for the mouse and stands in the center and another for Kitty White who stands outside of the circle. The other players join hands in a ring and move around while singing the first four lines. Meanwhile Kitty White is creeping around outside of the circle peeping in at little Mousie Gray. When the fourth line is reached “And quickly runs away ” the circle stops moving and drops hands while the mouse runs out and in through the circle chased by Kitty White. For the last four lines while the chase is going on the players in the circle stand in place and clap their hands while singing “Run run ” etc.

When the mousie is caught both return to the circle and another mouse and kitty are chosen.

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