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Acting and Dramatic Games Squirrel And Nut

( Acting and Dramatic, Bluffing, Chase and Catch, Mystery, Running, Tag )

All of the pupils but one sit at their desks with heads bowed on the arms as though sleeping but each with a hand outstretched. The odd player who is the squirrel and carries a nut runs on tiptoe up and down through the aisles and at his or her discretion drops the nut into one of the waiting hands. The player who gets the nut at once jumps up from his seat and chases the squirrel who is safe only when he reaches his nest (seat). Should the squirrel be caught before he reaches his nest he must be squirrel the second time. Otherwise the player who received the nut becomes the next squirrel.

It is scarcely necessary to say that the other players wake up to watch the chase.

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