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Acting and Dramatic Games Last Couple Out

( Acting and Dramatic, Chase and Catch, Choreographed )

An odd number of players is required for this game. One is chosen for catcher who stands at one end of the playground with his back to the other players. The other players stand in couples in a long line behind him facing in the same direction that he does. The catcher should be not less than ten feet in front of the first couple.

The catcher calls “Last couple out ” when the last pair in the line runs toward the front the right-hand one on the right side of the double line and the left-hand one on the left side and try to join hands in front of the catcher. The catcher may not chase them before they are in line with him and may not turn his head to see when or from where the runners are coming. They should try to gain their end by varying the method of approach sometimes both circling far out beyond him on either side or one of them doing this and the other running in close toward the lines.

If the catcher succeeds in catching one of the players before that player can clasp hands with his partner these two catcher and caught form a couple and take their places at the head of the line which should move backward one place to make room for them and the other player of the running couple becomes catcher. If neither be caught they are free i.e. out of the game.

In the Scotch and Swedish forms of this game the title is “Widow” or “Widower ” the catcher supposedly taking the part of the bereaved one and trying to get a mate. It has been suggested that the game has descended from old methods of marriage by capture.

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