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Bluffing Games Pinch O

( Bluffing, Chase and Catch, Command and Response, Guessing )

This is a game of chase an advancing line (rank) of players turning and fleeing from an odd player in front of them when a signal is given. The players in the advancing line pass a “Pinch” (hand pressure) from one to another along the line the end players calling out “Pinch ” and “O ” respectively at the start and finish of this performance. The “O” is the signal for the chaser to start. The chaser therefore watches the hands carefully to detect the pressure and know when it is approaching the end the other players naturally try to conceal this passing of hand pressure delaying or hastening it to take the chaser unaware.

The player who is It walks backward being about ten feet in front of the others who advance slowly forward in a line holding hands. The player on one end of the line calls “Pinch ” and at once squeezes or pinches the hand of the player standing next. This player slightly presses the hand of the one on his other side and so on across the line until the pressure is felt by the last player on the opposite end who at once calls out “O ” Immediately that the “O” is heard the entire line is liable to be tagged by the one who is walking backward in front of them and they therefore instantly turn and run for “home ” a place determined beyond certain boundaries at one end of the ground. The one who is It gives chase and any one tagged by him must join him in tagging the players when the game is repeated. The game ends when all are caught the last player to be caught being the winner and taking the part of the odd player for the next round.

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