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Chase and Catch Games Step

( Chase and Catch, Choreographed, Command and Response )

The ground is marked off by two parallel lines from fifty to two hundred feet apart. One player who is chosen to be counter stands on one of these lines with his back to the other players who line up on the opposite line.

The object of the game is for the players who are lined up in the rear to advance forward until they cross the line where the counter is stationed. They may only advance however by short stages during which the player in front counts ten.

The game starts by this forward player counting ten loudly and rapidly the other players moving forward while he does this but immediately that he says “Ten ” they must stand still and he at once turns to look at them. He will call the name of any player or players whom he sees moving and any so called must go back to the starting line and begin over again. This counting of ten by the one player and moving forward of the others continues until all have crossed the line where the counter stands. The last one over changes places with him for the next game.

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