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Chase and Catch Games Hunt

( Chase and Catch, Command and Response, Hunting )

The ground is marked off with two goals at opposite ends by parallel lines drawn entirely across it. The space between the lines should measure from thirty to fifty or more feet. One player is chosen for hunter who stands in the center. The other players are named in groups from various animals thus there will be several lions several tigers etc. These groups are divided so that part stand in one goal and part in the other the number of players being equal in each goal when the game opens.

The hunter standing in the center calls the name of any animal he chooses whereupon all of the players bearing that name must change goals. The hunter tries to catch them while they are in his territory. The first player caught must thereafter help the hunter in catching the others. The second player caught changes places with the first the first one then being placed in a “cage” at one side of the playground and is out of the game. The game ends when the hunter has caught all of the animals.

There are several games very similar to this but all of them have distinctive points that make them quite different in playing. In the present game the hunter has the advantage of chasing players running from both directions but there is a comparatively small number of these and he is placed at the disadvantage of not usually knowing just which players bear the names of certain animals.

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