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Chase and Catch Games Hound And Rabbit

( Chase and Catch, Choreographed, Circle and Breakthrough, Tag )

A considerable number of the players stand in groups of three with their hands on each others shoulders each group making a small circle which represents a hollow tree. In each tree is stationed a player who takes the part of rabbit. There should be one more rabbit than the number of trees. One player is also chosen for hound.

The hound chases the odd rabbit who may take refuge in any tree always running in and out under the arms of the players forming the tree. But no two rabbits may lodge in the same tree so as soon as a hunted rabbit enters a tree the rabbit already there must run for another shelter. Whenever the hound catches a rabbit they change places the hound becoming rabbit and the rabbit hound. Or the hound may at any time become a rabbit by finding shelter in an empty tree whereupon the odd rabbit who is left without shelter must take the part of the hound.

This game may be made very lively and has much sport in it even for adults. The trees should be scattered promiscuously so that both rabbits and hound may have many opportunities to dodge and run in various directions with false starts and feints that add zest and interest to such a game.

For large numbers of players it is advisable to give each a better chance to participate actively in the game by having the rabbits and trees change parts whenever a rabbit is caught. The hound and the rabbit who was caught then choose their successors.

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