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Chase and Catch Games Slap Jack

( Chase and Catch, Circle and Breakthrough, Physical Contest, Tag )

The players stand in a circle clasping hands. One player runs around the outside of the circle and tags another as he runs. The player tagged immediately leaves his place and runs in the opposite direction. The object of both runners is to get back first to the vacant place. Whoever succeeds wins and remains in that place the one left out becoming runner the next time.

This is sometimes varied by having the players bow and shake hands as they meet. This adds an element of self-control but detracts from the vigor and sport of the game. This game is one of the standard favorites for little children.

SCHOOLROOM.–In the schoolroom this game is played with all of the pupils seated except one. The odd player walks or runs through the aisles touches some player and runs on around the room in the direction he is going. The one touched at once leaves his seat and runs around the room in the opposite direction. The one wins who first gets back to the vacant seat. Dodging through aisles to shorten distance is not allowed the run must be around the outer aisles of the room.

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