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Chase and Catch Games Basic Tag

( Chase and Catch, Running, Tag )

The game of plain old-fashioned Tag may be made great sport especially if suddenly and unexpectedly commenced in a group of players when other interests seem to lag.

The game has many variations a considerable number of which are here given each variation making practically a different game.

This game is found in all countries and is prehistoric. It is supposed to have arisen from the idea of fleeing from an evil spirit and in those forms from which immunity is found by touching wood or iron or taking some particular position that especial feature is supposed to have originated in the idea of breaking the spell of the pursuing evil.

Tag in its simplest form may be started by any one of a group of players suddenly turning to another touching (tagging) him and saying “Youre It ” when all must flee from the one who is It.

The player who is It may chase and tag any other player whom he chooses but will aid his own ends by suddenly turning his attention from one player to another or by doubling back on his course or resorting to any of the other feints that give an unexpected turn to a game of chase.

The players who are being chased will add to the zest of the game by venturing as close as possible to the one who is It calling to him and taunting him with their proximity and suddenly dodging away. When a player is hard pressed or breathless or does not wish to play he may become immune from tagging by crossing any one finger over its neighbor on either hand as the forefinger over the middle finger. It is considered “babyish ” however to resort to this unless there is some very good reason. A player who has had a good fair chase ought to be willing to be It if caught.

Any player whom the chaser tags immediately becomes It but the chaser in touching him must say “Youre It ” At his own discretion he may add “No fair ” which means that the one who has just become It may not turn at once and tag him. A venturesome player however will omit this especially if he should tag another player from behind and trust to his own powers of dodging for getting safely away. Where there are a large number of players two or more may be chosen to be It.

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