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Call and Response Games Have You Seen My Sheep

( Call and Response, Chase and Catch, Memory )

The players stand in a circle. One walks around on the outside and touching one of the circle players on the back asks “Have you seen my sheep ” The one questioned answers “How was he dressed ” The outside player then describes the dress of some one in the circle saying for instance “He wears a red necktie he is dressed in gray and has low shoes.” The one questioned then names the player whom he thinks this describes and if right at once begins to chase him around the outside of the circle. Each of the circle players must be very alert to recognize himself in the description given by the outside player for immediately that he is named he must run around the outside of the circle chased by the player who guessed and try to reach his own place before being tagged. The one who gives the description does not take part in the chase. Should the runner be tagged before returning to his place he must take the place of the questioner running in his turn around the outside of the circle and asking of some player. “Have you seen my sheep ”

IN THE SCHOOLROOM.–The players remain seated with the exception of the one who asks the first question of any player he chooses. This player at once stands guesses the player described and chases him around the room the one chased trying to gain his seat before being caught. If caught he becomes questioner if not caught the same questioner and guesser play as before.

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