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Chase and Catch Games Football Tag

( Chase and Catch, Football, Tag )

Each of the players has three points at the beginning of the game. The players are scattered promiscuously over the ground or gymnasium. One player who is It has a football which he kicks lightly toward any other player the idea being to tag some other by mere touch of the ball. Any one so touched or tagged by the ball loses one of the three points with which he started and also becomes It trying in turn to kick the ball so it will tag one of his fellows. There are no restrictions as to the moving about of players to evade the ball. The latter must not be touched with the hands nor may it be kicked higher than the chests of the players. Any one infringing these rules loses one point for each offense and remains It until he successfully tags some one according to rules. Any player who loses his three points is out of the game and the player wins who remains longest in the field.

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